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surgery prep & recovery

A precise plan for surgical success

When surgery is needed, ready your mind and body with a personalized team of medical and wellness experts.

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Convenient care

Connect one-on-one with providers for best-in-class virtual care from anywhere. Securely message your care team whenever you need support.

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Personalized support

Tap into your customized care plan of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations to unlock your goals wherever you go.

Clinical excellence

Get expert evaluation from board-certified medical specialists who work hand-in-hand with your surgeon to set you up for the best outcomes.

Prepare for the right results

Choices you make now—like what you eat and how much you sleep—can impact your surgery. Consider this a chance to take better care of yourself, especially if you need to eat healthier or stop smoking. Research shows both habits can impact how fast you come home from the hospital.

The road to recovery, zero commute

With a surgery prep and recovery plan, you get a clinic in your pocket. Access on-demand physical therapy and a personalized care team anytime, anywhere for evidence-based guidance on exercise, nutrition, sleep health, stress management, and more.

Common surgeries we help include

Shoulder surgery

Joint replacement

Rotator cuff repair

Labral tear

Capsule release (frozen shoulder)

AC joint and/or distal clavicle resection

Biceps tenodesis

Shoulder scope

Knee surgery

Joint replacement

Cruciate and collateral ligament repairs (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL)

Meniscal tears

Lateral release

Knee scope

Back surgery



Disc replacement

Spinal fusion


Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty

Hip surgery

Joint replacement

Labral tear

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A CONVENIENT plan for the whole you

Experience virtual care and unlimited direct messaging with a personalized wellness team.

Get expert guidance and behavior change tools, including:

Evaluation and treatment by board-certified medical providers

Collaboration and communication with your surgeon

Personalized physical therapy programs before and after surgery

On-demand exercises, recipes, meal plans, and more

Anti-inflammatory nutrition

Healthy weight management

Smoking cessation, if needed, or other habit change

Immune health

Sleep health

Stress education

Support systems for recovery

Take the first step

Motivated members may see results in as few as 3 visits.


We accept all major insurance including Medicare/Medicaid.


You deserve great care regardless of whether you are in or out of network.

“I enjoyed the ability to be assessed for my pain in the comfort of my home or while taking a break from work. The staff was friendly and empathetic while delivering knowledgeable care about my condition.”
Jasmine, Vori Health member
“The pain in my back was an 8 or 9. By the end, my pain was a big ‘ole 0! Vori got my health back!”
Robert, Vori Health member
“This program helped me get a piece of myself back.”
Lori, Vori Health member
“I was referred to Vori Health for tennis elbow...The staff was amazing from the beginning. I would 100% recommend them to my family and friends.”
Andrew, Vori Health member
“Most people think virtual therapy is less effective than in-person. That's not the case with Vori. I've been to many other organizations but none are as good as Vori Health!”
Josh, Vori Health member


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