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Ok, got it

Stop wasting money on unnecessary surgery

Help your employees get the right MSK care from doctor-led teams

Reduce costs while increasing employee productivity and well-being

Employers spend less with Vori Health

Cost comparison of average spend to treat most common MSK conditions

Better MSK care begins here

Our doctor-led care teams specialize in non-operative care. We help your employees get back to their lives without unnecessary surgeries and procedures.

Surgical referral reduction rate

Vori's care program reduces surgery, pain, imaging, and injections.

the problem

Traditional care is costing you & your employees


Of surgeries for low back pain are inappropriate.


Up to 76 percent of pre-consultation knee MRIs are not necessary.


Of primary care doctors misdiagnose MSK issues due to lack of training.

$381 B

MSK care costs employers more than mental health and cancer combined.

3,000+ employers trust Vori Health

From automotives to agriculture, we partner with forward-thinking companies that want to offer better care at lower costs. We are available to employers of all sizes and are a great fit for companies looking for immediate returns on the solutions they put in place.

All the care your employees need starts with our doctors.

One team, meeting your employees where they are, working together for one goal.

Our collaborative care teams include specialty medical doctors, physical therapists, dietitians, and health coaches who focus on the whole person—their situation, their needs, their goals. Our virtual platform makes it easy for your employees to access care any time they need it. And we stay with your team all the way through their care journeys.

THE future of msk is hybrid care

We offer virtual & in-person care


Care that members use

Our sensorless motion tracking and online tools make care accessible from anywhere.


Member engagement (3x the traditional average for PT)


Improvement in physical, mental and social well-being


Improvement in feelings of anxiety or depression


Member success stories

Knee pain resolved

“I tweaked my knee while running, and was unsure if virtual physical therapy would be so effective, but it’s been so impactful.”

-Javier R.
Los Angeles, CA
Duration of care:
4 weeks (Physician, Physical Therapist, Health Coach)
What matters to Javier:
I want to stay active and continue running to train for my 5k race
Lower back pain eased
Knee pain resolved

“I feel stronger now that I’ve lost 15 pounds and my knee pain is down to 0 from 6”

-Jackie C.
Charlotte, NC
Duration of care:
12 weeks (Physician, Physical Therapist, Health Coach)
What matters to Jackie:
I want to be able to go on long hikes with my chocolate lab Coco!
Back pain lowered
30lb weight loss
Improved depression

“Now I’m doing things that I love that I couldn’t do before.”

-Ruth S.
Memphis, TN
Duration of care:
20 weeks (Physician, Physical Therapist, Health Coach, Registered Dietitian)
What matters to Ruth:
I don’t want to take pain medicine that makes me feel unlike myself

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