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Dear Vori

I was just diagnosed with pre-diabetes. What can I do to get better? ​

If you have pre-diabetes, you are not alone: Approximately 88 million adults in the United States have this diagnosis. ​​With pre-diabetes, a person’s blood sugar levels are above normal but not high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a serious health condition that can progress to type 2 diabetes as well as increase your risk for heart disease and stroke—but it doesn’t have to.


TelePT Connections Podcast with Mark Milligan

In this episode of the TelePT Connections Podcast, Mark Milligan, Director of Physical Therapy at Vori Health sits down to talk about the furture of telehealth and the power of virtual physical therapy.


Three Ways to Save Your Back on Your Next Road Trip

Late summer beckons with luxuriously long days, wide-open roads, and potentially back-breaking car trips. Although a road trip may take you away from work or your daily routine, sitting in your car can be as bad for your body as sitting at your desk—especially if you will be on the road for a long time.


How to Understand Arthritis and Not Fear It

Wisdom and wrinkles are not the only things we can acquire with age. For many of us, arthritis is a part of getting older, too. A lot of confusion and fear can surround this diagnosis—here are some ways to better understand and manage it.


Why Medicine Needs to Be Re-Humanized

Listen to Ryan Grant, MD, Founder and CEO of Vori Health, share why medicine needs to be re-humanized.

Dear Vori

You can't tell me what is causing my back pain?​

If you have the most common type of low back pain—known as non-specific back pain (NSBP)—then, the answer is a frustratingly hum-drum: “No, not specifically.” ​ Also known as a back strain, sprain, mechanical pain, or lumbago, NSBP makes up the vast majority—about 90%—of all low back pain cases.

Dear Vori

What are the worst foods for inflammation?​

Research suggests certain foods can worsen inflammation. ​If you are battling inflammation from a condition such as diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis, Christi Bowling, a registered dietitian nutritionist and director of nutrition at Vori Health, recommends limiting the following foods:


Feeling Inflamed? Understand Why + 5 Foods that Can Help

Inflammation is a hot topic, literally. As we understand this process and its triggers, research continues to suggest that lifestyle modifications—especially what we eat—can help either feed or quiet the fire.

Dear Vori

I have a herniated disc. Can I ever pick up my child again without pain?

Although disc injuries are common, their outlook is promising. With standard treatment (a combination of pain control, anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy), most people with disc injuries heal without surgery.

Dear Vori

Is my MRI normal?

Even if your MRI shows changes in your spine, like a disc bulge, it can still be considered "normal." Many people walk around with disc changes unknowingly: If you asked a group of pain-free individuals over the ages of 30 years to get an MRI of their spines, at least 30 percent would have bulges or herniations, explains Dr. David Woznica, Director of Clinical Medicine at Vori Health.

Progress Notes

B is for Back Pain: The Impact of Musculoskeletal Issues on Teachers

Teaching is one of the most honorable professions in society. Educating our children to become productive members is one of the keys to our society’s success. But this tremendous effort takes a toll. To do their jobs, teachers face a startingly high risk of developing both physical and mental health conditions. And, many times, these two tolls compound each other.

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