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How it Works
What to Expect from Your First Visit
How it Works

From your first visit, you’ll notice the Vori difference. You'll find all the resources to get better in one place, so you can save time and focus on getting back to doing what you love faster.

Your first visit is a 1-hour comprehensive evaluation with a specialty medical doctor and physical therapist.

Get a comprehensive exam from experts

From the convenience of home, you'll meet virtually with a specialty medical doctor who is an expert in non-surgical care for muscle and joint pain. We use the gold standard of virtual exams set by the Mayo Clinic to listen, watch you move, and focus on what’s causing your pain. We look at your pain or concerns from every angle, so we can address all the factors that may be worsening your symptoms.

Get a plan for your goals

Your doctor at Vori not only asks about what's the matter with you, but what matters to you. We care about your goals and want to hear about them. Your doctor will explore all of your treatment options with you and build a plan that aligns with your goals.

Get moving

To save you time and hassle, you'll also meet virtually with your physical therapist in the same visit. Your physical therapist reviews your treatment plan from your doctor and gets you started right away on a personalized program to restore motion and build strength.

Speed your progress

As a part of your care at Vori, we often recommend a follow-up visit with one of our certified health coaches. Our coaches can help boost your recovery with expert support for nutrition, sleep health, stress, and more.

Care made simple

After your visit, your Care Team will send you a digital care plan filled with personalized exercises and healthy lifestyle content. We'll schedule any follow-up visits you need, and within 24 hours you’ll be on your way to reaching your goals.

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Explore a better way to manage pain

Experience how Vori Health’s holistic, doctor-led care teams can make all the difference for you.