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Dear Vori
I have four herniated discs in my back. I did physical therapy—now what?​
Dear Vori

Dear In Search Of Relief,​

We’re sorry to hear about your struggle with disc herniations.​​

If you have not already done so, be sure to get a thorough medical evaluation to confirm your diagnosis. Disc changes are a natural part of the aging process—which is why many people who get an MRI find out they have disc herniations. In some people, these herniations cause pain, and in other people, they are silent. It’s important to speak with a medical provider about your symptoms to rule out any other potential causes.​​

If your pain is indeed from a disc herniation, there’s still good news: Studies show most disc injuries get better without surgery (Chiu, 2015). Non-surgical treatments, like the physical therapy you’ve tried, are the first line of care. And not all physical therapy is the same, so it is possible that you would benefit from an alternative physical therapy plan. You might also want to take a closer look at other factors in your life such as:​​

  • Diet (certain foods can heighten pain)​​
  • Body weight (extra pounds can stress your back)​​
  • Sleep health (poor sleep can elevate your pain)​​
  • Stress levels (high stress can heighten your symptoms) ​​
  • Exercise habits (lack of movement can lead to more pain)​​
  • Posture (how you sit and stand can worsen how you feel)​​

All of these lifestyle factors and more can contribute to your symptoms. This is why we take a comprehensive approach to pain—one that takes your physical, emotional, and behavioral health all into account. Talk with a care team to learn how we can personalize a plan for you.​​

We hope you feel better soon.​​​​

Truly yours, ​​

Vori Health​

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