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Breaking the Cycle: Addressing Mental Health to Treat MSK Pain


Chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) pain and depression devastate millions of lives every year. A well-documented relationship between these conditions shows that, more often than not, they coexist—and when they do, one disorder tends to worsen the symptoms and outcomes of the other.

The comorbid nature of MSK and mental health disorders should ring the alarm bell for all stakeholders, especially those responsible for covering the cost of care. Collectively, these conditions account for more than $560 billion in annual healthcare costs and 21 percent of employer healthcare spend. Understanding how these conditions intersect is critical to solving their massive impact on member lives and total healthcare spend.

Download this report to learn:

  • Why MSK and mental health disorders so frequently coexist
  • The impact felt by members, employers, and payers
  • Strategies to break the MSK/Mental Health cycle, improve outcomes, and lower costs
  • How whole-person, doctor-led MSK solutions that also address mental health provide superior treatment and more effective relief
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