Dear Open To Learning New Tricks:​

How you treat your life—from the food you eat to the sleep you log—can impact your back as much as the medicine you may take. ​

This is why Vori Health—a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, physical therapists, health coaches, and nutritionists—practices a biopsychosocial approach to back care. We understand that your health is not measured by a single x-ray or lab result, but shaped by a combination of your biology (bio), mindset (psycho), and relationships (social). We work together to see each patient as a whole person.​

Treatment at Vori includes a powerful combination of medical care, on-demand physical therapy, and lifestyle optimizations (like improving sleep habits, reducing stress, and enhancing an anti-inflammatory diet).  “At Vori, we collaborate to address not only your recovery from the current injury, but also to empower you to make simple lifestyle changes that can prevent disc injuries from happening again,” says Dr. Woznica.  ​

If you are struggling with back pain or have a diagnosis of a disc herniation, a Vori Health care team member can get you on the right track. Schedule a visit to learn how.​

Truly yours,​

Vori Health​