Dear Lost In Back Pain,​

Since your back sounds the alarm, logic tells you to focus treatment on that body part. But, your overall lifestyle may be fanning the flames—if not causing the fire. ​

Research shows high stress and poor diet, among other lifestyle factors, increase your risk for disk injury (Seidler 2003, Longo, 2011). To heal your back, then, your care plan should include more than just a prescription for your spine, explains Holly Krymis, Director of Behavior Change & Health Coaching at Vori. ​

“When it comes to a disc injury, or any injury for that matter, the better we are to our bodies, the better our bodies will be to us,” says Holly. “Incorporating certain healthy lifestyle practices like stopping smoking, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising your core can protect and preserve your discs, aid in avoiding further deterioration, and to help manage your symptoms,” Holly says. ​

Start treating your life, not just your symptoms, with our integrated care team. Schedule a visit today.​

Truly yours, ​

Vori Health​