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Dear Vori,

I have a herniated disc. Can I ever pick up my child again without pain?

Parent In Pain
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Dear Parent In Pain:​

Although disc injuries are common, their outlook is promising. With standard treatment (a combination of pain control, anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy), most people with disc injuries heal without surgery (Chiu, 2015).  ​

But, for the spine to stay healthy and pain free in the long run, a comprehensive approach is needed, explains Dr. David Woznica, Director of Clinical Medicine at Vori. ​

“Standard care gets you a standard body,” says Dr. Woznica, “Generally, the treatments people receive hopefully get them back to baseline. Often, however, the injury is simply the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If you only get a steroid injection and never address the way the spine moves, loads, and is supported by your general health, in the long term, people will often find the pain recurs at a higher level.” ​

Truly yours,​

Vori Health​

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