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Dear Vori
What can I do to protect my back?
Dear Vori

Dear Ready To Roll,​

Studies show that certain factors in your life can increase your risk of back injury—specifically to your discs, the cushions in between the bones of your back.

Some of these factors you can't control, like your age and sex at birth. People who receive a diagnosis of a disc injury, for example, are usually about 40 years old and slightly more likely to be male than female (Schroeder, 2016). ​

The type of work you do may also play a role. Both heavy lifting and high stress on the job can raise your risk of disc injury (Marshall, 2010; Seidler 2003). Your family factors in, too, as there is a genetic component to developing degenerative discs.(Zhang, 2009). ​

So what can you do? A lot! Your lifestyle and everyday habits play a big role in back pain and injury. If you have diabetes, high cholesterol, or smoke, for example, you automatically elevate your risk of disc disease (Mobbs 2001, Longo, 2011, Jordan, 2009).  Making healthy choices, like getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and eating a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods, not only boosts your overall wellness, but benefits your back as well.​

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Truly yours,​

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