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Vori Voice Podcast, Ep. 1 – What does integrated care have to do with the future of medicine?
Podcasts and Webinars

Episode Description

Thank you for tuning into the Vori Voice, which is brought to you by Vori Health. Vori Health is a nationwide doctor-led specialty medical practice designed to treat back, neck and joint pain more effectively.

As the tides of healthcare shift to value-based care, Integrated Practice Units, or IPUs, are having a moment in the spotlight and for good reason. Studies show they can improve outcomes for a spectrum of clinical conditions from Parkinson’s disease to back pain. To discuss the role IPUs will play in the future of medicine, physical therapists Michelle Steege, PT and Jared Aguilar, PT are joined by Jim Fiechtl, MD, a sports medicine physician and Vice President of Clinical Partnerships at Vori Health.


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