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Vori Health and Contigo Health Partner to Pioneer Industry-Changing, Integrated Surgical and Non-Surgical Orthopedic Care Solution
Press Releases

The partnership provides a seamless experience for patients for every step of the orthopedic care journey while bundling costs for medical claims savings for employers and their health plan members.

NEW YORK, December 7th, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Vori Health, a nationwide virtual-first specialty medical practice and industry leader in the treatment of muscle and joint pain today announced a partnership with Contigo Health, a health benefits platform that leads direct-to-employer and direct-to-provider relationships, to create a comprehensive musculoskeletal (MSK) benefit solution. The highly-integrated program designed for self-funded employers combines Contigo Health’s orthopedic surgical Centers of Excellence (COE) program with Vori’s award-winning virtual non-operative MSK care model—creating a single, evidence-based benefit solution that aims to improve outcomes and lower costs for millions of employees struggling with back and joint pain nationwide.

“Giving patients access to the right care at the right time is what this program is all about,” said Vori Health co-founder and CEO Ryan Grant, MD. “It’s the key to driving value in this space. Nothing of this level of comprehensive support exists in this industry. We are excited to partner with forward-thinking companies like Contigo Health to bring this program’s unparalleled access to appropriate care to companies nationwide.”

“Giving patients access to the right care at the right time is what this program is all about.” — Ryan Grant, MD, CEO of Vori Health

Known as the Contigo Health Centers of Excellence 360 Orthopedics Program, the new offering provides members of self-funded employer health plans with a seamless experience for every step of the orthopedic care journey. Enrolled members experiencing issues like back, hip or knee pain gain access to convenient telehealth treatment including physician-directed screening for surgical readiness, adequate non-operative care such as virtual physical therapy and nutrition counseling, medical optimization to prepare appropriate candidates for surgery, and post-operative programs to get members back to work and life as quickly and safely as possible. Members who could benefit from surgery have access to Contigo Health’s Centers of Excellence network of high-quality, highly vetted surgical partners. All of these services are offered to employers as bundles for ease of administration, accountable utilization and more predictable healthcare costs.

“Pain is a massive issue for U.S. employers, and inadequate access to appropriate, non-operative care is fueling the problem,” added Contigo Health President and CEO, John Strickland. “We are thrilled to partner with Vori Health and address this underlying issue head on. By integrating our solutions, we’re able to give our clients and their health plan members the comprehensive care and convenient access they need to contain costs and improve outcomes for every step of the care journey.”

This partnership comes at a critical time for employers. One out of every two adults in the U.S. suffers from back and joint pain, making MSK issues the top cause of global disability and rising healthcare costs. While surgical COEs have ameliorated some of these pain points for employers in recent years, adequate access to evidence-based non-operative care remains a core problem. Studies show that 50 percent of lumbar spine surgeries are still deemed unnecessary, and as many as four in ten patients who undergo surgery did not receive first-line physical therapy.

"By integrating our solutions, we’re able to give our clients and their health plan members the comprehensive care and convenient access they need to contain costs and improve outcomes for every step of the care journey." — John Strickland, CEO & President of Contigo Health

“Orthopedic care is often a siloed, confusing and frustrating system for patients to navigate,” added Vori Health co-founder and Chief Medical Officer Mary O’Connor, MD. “Even in our most elite hospitals, too many individuals go to the operating room unnecessarily or without the proper preparation. Those are risk factors we can and should change. We’re thrilled to partner with Contigo Health to change this standard and make orthopedic care the way it should be—patient-centered, evidence-based and accessible.”  

“Contigo Health has been a forerunner in the Centers of Excellence category,” concluded Contigo Health Vice President, Centers of Excellence, Heather Ridenoure. “We are proud of our programs’ outcomes and commitment to appropriate care. But we also know that surgery isn’t for everyone. And non-surgical candidates aren’t getting the support they need from the healthcare ecosystem. Our next generation Orthopedics program joins our line of other hybrid programs, including those designed to address Cancer and Substance Use Disorders, to help participants increase their speed to comfort and access high quality care that’s tailored to their needs. Vori Health is an important partner in this work.”

About Vori Health‍

Vori Health is a specialty medical practice delivering a virtual-first musculoskeletal (MSK) solution to help members get back to their lives faster. As the only nationwide MSK practice with doctor-led care teams, Vori Health is the most convenient way to access appropriate care for back, neck and joint pain without bouncing around the healthcare system. Whether members need a diagnosis, non-opioid prescription, personalized physical therapy or health coaching, they can turn to Vori Health for evidence-based care and effective end-to-end support. This holistic model reduces unnecessary surgeries, enables faster recoveries and lowers MSK spend with up to a 4:1 ROI. For more information, visit www.vorihealth.com.

About Contigo Health, LLC

Contigo Health, LLC, a consolidated subsidiary of Premier, Inc., is leading the way to financially sustainable healthcare. Contigo Health is a health benefits platform that leads direct-to-employer and direct-to-provider relationships. It is relentlessly focused on revolutionizing healthcare through appropriate, cost-effective, transparent, and thoughtful benefits design. Contigo Health® products include ConfigureNet™, a network with over 900,000 providers across 4.1 million U.S. locations, Sync Health Plan TPA, Payvider Activation, and Centers of Excellence 360. To learn more, please visit www.contigohealth.com and follow us on LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

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