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Nurse Coaches, Innovative Healthcare Leaders- Nicole Piotrowski BSN, RN, HWNC-BC

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“I work with innovative healthcare teams, mainly in the startup world now, that are on a mission to create a new kind of healthcare delivery system focused on relationship-based care -- taking care of the whole person instead of the bottom line, that value-based care.”  ~Nicole Piotrowski, BSN, RN, HWNC-BC

  • Nurse Coaching is an innovative healthcare process that places the patient, client, family or community as the center of the conversation, plan or care
  • Startups like Vori Health are using Nurse Coaches and see them as innovative healthcare role models
  • Nurse Coaching can be as close as a telephone call, or an app on your phone
  • It is collaborative to work in a system where every practitioner knows the client and each healthcare professional (regardless of specialty) has the autonomy to refer clients to modalities that will help them
  • Patients are not ‘non-compliant’.  Instead, there is a barrier that they cannot cross, and because of that, it is difficult for them to follow a plan, that ultimately was never truly created for them
  • Nurse Coaching gives the client the ownership and power of their own health decisions
  • Integrative Nurse Coaches help people make small meaningful change, establish goals, and make little lifestyle behavior changes, to make a huge difference in someone's overall health
  • What would happen if Nurse Coaches were in all settings throughout America?  People would be A LOT healthier!

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