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Dear Vori,

Keto, South Beach, Paleo—​ which diet will help me lose the most weight?

Confounded by Food Fads
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Dear Confounded by Food Fads:​

With so many diets on the table, it’s easy to get caught up in their different weight-loss claims. ​

Instead of analyzing food fads pound for pound, we first recommend understanding how they work. “While many fad diets may help you lose weight, they can also be restrictive,” says Christi Bowling, a Vori Health Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.  “By eliminating certain food groups from your menu, fad diets can also deprive your body of important vitamins, nutrients, and other minerals.”​

Vori’s approach to nutrition and weight loss favors anti-inflammation over elimination, Bowling explains. “In addition to cultivating healthier lifestyle habits like sleep optimization and stress reduction, we emphasize well-balanced meals—similar to the Mediterranean diet—which are low in saturated fat and sugars and heavy on produce and healthy fats,” says Bowling. From day-to-day life to research studies, Bowling says this recipe yields promising results: “In a recent study of more than 32,000 Italian participants followed more than an average of 12 years, for example, researchers found that following a Mediterranean diet was associated with lower levels of weight gain and less increase in waist circumference (Agnoli, 2018).”​

Vori furthers food freedom by following an 80/20 mindset, Bowling also explains. “Eight percent of the time, you make healthier choices and twenty percent of the time, you allow yourself to be human and have a piece of pizza or a cupcake every now and then!”​

Want to learn more? Talk to a Vori Health nutritionist and discover a humanistic approach to healthy weight loss.​

Truly yours,​

Vori Health​


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