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Dear Vori
I’ve been told I have bone spurs in my back. What does this mean?​
Dear Vori

Dear Sounds Scary:​

Although they sound scary, bone spurs are actually very common and many times don’t cause any symptoms. Bone spurs are usually found when people get x-rays for other reasons.

Bone spurs are extra growths of bone that develop in areas where two bones meet each other (this area is called a joint). You may have heard of bone spurs forming in joints like your shoulder, knees, or back.  

When the cartilage at the ends of the bones in a joint start to wear away (arthritis), the bone underneath has to take on more pressure or stress. And when a bone feels pressure, it lays down more bone in response, and thus bone spurs are made.

The same thing happens in your back, which has many small joints. When the cartilage at these joints wear away, bone spurs can develop. Fortunately, these bone spurs rarely cause symptoms. If the spurs develop close to the spinal cord or nerve, then you might have some weakness, numbness, or even shooting pain down your arms or legs.

The treatment for bone spurs in your spine is geared toward improving how your back functions and increasing your flexibility and strength. Being flexible and strong reduces the stress across the joints of your spine.There are many ways to work on your flexibility and strengthening. Talk with our team of doctors and experts to get a personalized treatment plan you can do from home.

Truly yours,​

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