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Dear Vori
If the problem is in my back, why do I have pain in my leg?​
Dear Vori

Dear Leg Pain Investigator,

If you are experiencing sharp, burning pains that travel from your back down your legs, you may be feeling symptoms of a pinched nerve (also called sciatica or a radiculopathy).

In your back, the cushions between your bones (called intervertebral discs) sit very close to your spinal cord and nerves. These nerves control the motion and sensation of your arms and legs. If a disc bulges or moves out of place, it can put pressure on and injure these nerves, causing symptoms that can travel down your arms or legs. Classic symptoms of a pinched nerve include numbness, weakness, burning, tingling, and/or sharp, shooting pain. Sciatica is an infamous type of pinched nerve caused by injury to the sciatic nerve that starts in your lower back.

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