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How it Works
How a Team Approach Helps Lower Pain
How it Works

Guess how much traditional medical care (like going to see a doctor) influences your health? Experts say only 11 percent! It’s actually your daily habits—like how much you move, what you eat, how you cope with stress, and more—that make the biggest impact on how you feel (Goinvo, 2018).  

That’s why we treat your muscle and joint pain as a Care Team. Instead of just one clinician, at Vori Health you get a team of experts, led by a doctor, to support you as a whole person with biological, social, and emotional needs. We address your pain and optimize the parts of your life that make a difference to your health.

“Now, I’m walking. Now, I’m driving. Now, I’m doing things that I like and love to do that I could never physically do before,” says Vori Health patient Ruth Shelton, who improved her debilitating struggle with back pain and lost 55 pounds.

Read Ruth’s story to see how a team approach to care changed her life.

Why you'll love our integrated Care Team approach

Saves time

Instead of traveling to different specialists, you get all the care you need including medical treatment, physical therapy, and healthy lifestyle support all in one place.

Keeps communication clear

Your Care Team meets regularly to discuss your progress, so you don’t have to worry about translating complicated medical information from one specialist to another.

Personalized care

We care about “What matters to you?” not just “What’s the matter with you?”. We help you make health care decisions that support the most meaningful parts of your life.

Results you can feel

Members lower their pain and optimize their lifestyle. From healthy weight loss to better sleep, we give you the tools to feel your best and get back to doing what you love.

It's easy to get started

If you are struggling with muscle or joint pain, a Care Team can make all the difference. Sign up today to get started.

Explore a better way to manage pain

Experience how Vori Health’s holistic, doctor-led care teams can make all the difference for you.