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Firefly Health & Vori Health Partner to Improve Musculoskeletal Specialty Care
Press Releases

WATERTOWN, Mass. and NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Firefly Health – a health plan and virtual-first care innovator with a mission of delivering half-priced healthcare that's twice as good, clinically and emotionally, announced a partnership with Vori Health. Vori Health improves musculoskeletal (MSK)outcomes and lowers costs with a new, evidence-based care model in which its clinicians work together in teams. Vori Health provides nationwide, multidisciplinary treatment for muscle and joint pain including personalized physician medical care, physical therapy, prescriptions, as well as healthy lifestyle coaching to support healing.

Vori Health treats conditions from head to toe including back pain, arthritis, muscle and joint pain, inflammation, neck pain, as well as shoulder pain. With a team of specialized doctors and other clinicians trained in MSK/orthopedics, members can access an integrated team including medical care, physical therapy, lifestyle coaching, and more. Vori Health provides a holistic diagnosis to patients, improves appropriate evidence-based care, reduces unnecessary surgery & imaging, and supports a faster recovery with improved outcomes. While most people do not need surgery, if surgery is the right answer, Vori Health helps the patient get ready for surgery, optimizes them, and continues to help them postoperatively.

"Musculoskeletal conditions deeply impact patients' daily quality of life, and if left untreated, can require invasive treatment," says Jeff Greenberg, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Network Officer for Firefly Health, "We look forwardto working with Vori Health to provide Firefly patients with immediate access to skilled specialist teams to get their musculoskeletal conditions resolved in a holistic, personal environment."

The traditional process for seeking musculoskeletal care involves multiple doctor visits, referrals, and in-person appointments. Vori Health aims to create a more patient-friendly offering where patients can skip the referral process by providing access to the full care team on their first visit. This approach delivers a collaborative diagnosis and care plan up front.

Under this value-based care agreement, Firefly Health and Vori Health will utilize bundled payments based on a 1-year time frame – an arrangement that removes the burden of copayments and makes preauthorization easier. The two parties will continue to work together on increasingly sophisticated economic models such as condition-based capitation. Vori Health also accepts traditional fee-for-service insurance.

Ryan Grant, MD, Founder& CEO for Vori Health stated: "We are very excited to partner withFirefly Health to offer whole-person, comprehensive musculoskeletal care to their members, as well as partner with Firefly's PCPs given that musculoskeletal/orthopedic issues are one of the top patient conditions.Together, we can transform the patient experience and blend evidence-based specialty care with a forward thinking health plan and PCP practice."

About Vori Health

Vori Health offers a new care delivery model for treating MSK conditions. Its all-inclusive musculoskeletal medical and health practice is evidence-based, holistic, and integrated to address back, neck and joint care. The organization offers integrated, nationwide medical and rehabilitation care, physical therapy, prescriptions, imaging and lab ordering, health coaching, nutritional guidance, community support and premium instructional content. The Vori Health team consists of carefully selected, board-certified physicians and licensed healthcare providers, and provides health services that are accessible at the click of a button from the comfort, convenience, and privacy of a patient's home. Learn more at www.vorihealth.com.

About Firefly Health‍

Firefly Health is a health plan and virtual-first care innovator on a mission to offer half-priced healthcare that's twice as good, clinically and emotionally. Through their care+ coverage health plan and primary care service, they deliver an unrivaled member experience that seamlessly integrates primary, behavioral, and specialty care.

By leveraging its proactive care model, hybrid network, clinical navigation, and analytics infrastructure, Firefly aims to dramatically improve accessibility and outcomes while lowering healthcare costs for businesses and their employees. Learn more at www.firefly.health.


Source: Vori Health

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