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Dr. Ryan Grant (Co-founder and CEO, Vori Health)

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Thanks for tuning into From Nothing, where we go deep on how healthcare founders actually went 0 to 1. I'm Patrick Haig, and today my co-host, Ian Sefferman, and I are joined by Dr. Ryan Grant, co-founder and CEO of Vori Health.

Ryan is on a mission to re-humanize medicine, starting with musculoskeletal issues, and has raised $50M from well-known investors like NEA, AlleyCorp, and Max Ventures to get it done. Today we talk about Ryan's path to Vori, the philosophy and the surprising stats that drive him, like how 40% of people who have surgeries for back pain simply don't get better, why he chose MSK as his wedge, how he transitioned from a practicing physician to running a startup, how he got his first customers through building champions, and more. When we hear about big visions, this is a big vision. We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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