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Dear Vori,

Are the arches in my feet falling? ​

- Pained & Inflamed
Fretting Flat Feet​
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Dear Fretting Flat Feet:​

The arches of your feet are architectural feats! They absorb shock, helping you stand tall and strong with minimal effort. But just like iconic arches around the world, the arches of your feet can also fall or collapse over time, says Jim Fiechtl, MD, a Vori Health sports medicine physician.

In addition to age, other factors like injuries, arthritis, weight gain, and pregnancy can also cause fallen arches (also known as flat feet or pes planus). “You can also blame your parents,” Dr. Fiechtl says. "Some people are born with fallen arches. There is a genetic component that rarely skips generations.” ​

What’s the fall-out with fallen arches? As your arches collapse, your biomechanics shift: You may walk more on the inside of your foot (overpronating) and may end up using more muscular effort to get around. “This change in your gait can cause pain for some people but does not trouble others,” says Dr Fiechtl. Research also shows overpronating can contribute to low back pain, especially in women (Menz 2013). ​

“For people who have foot pain from fallen arches, treatment options include changing shoes to something more supportive, adding arch supports, and a targeted stretching and strengthening program,” Dr. Fiechtl says.  ​

Talk with our team to have your feet evaluated and get a personalized care plan.  We might be able to get your favorite pair of old shoes feeling better again.  ​

Truly yours, ​

Vori Health ​

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