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Beat back and joint pain wherever you are.

Don’t let pain hold you back any longer. Your health plan now offers Vori Health services for you and your spouse/domestic partner and dependents 18+ on your insurance plan.

Vori Health is a separate company that provides musculoskeletal and physical therapy solutions for members of Health Advantage and Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Arkansas Blue Cross and Health Advantage are independent licensees of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and are licensed to offer health plans in all 75 counties of Arkansas.

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Say goodbye to waiting rooms

Vori Health is a nationwide orthopedic clinic offering personalized care and proven relief for back and joint pain—all through easy video visits with doctors, physical therapists, and more.

Hip Pain
Back Pain
knee pain
muscle & Joint pain
foot & ankle pain
sports INJURY

From head to toe,
we’ve got your back.

With your new health plan offering, any time you have back or joint pain, you can now access doctors and experts who specialize in muscle and joint conditions—all from the comfort of your home.

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how it works

Great care at your fingertips


See a doctor and a physical therapist at your first visit.

One of the greatest benefits of virtual visits is the time and attention focused on you. Our medical team looks at your issue from every angle to find out what’s really going on.


Get a personalized plan and get moving!

Your care team builds a practical treatment plan designed around your goals and schedule.


See results that last with reimagined care.

Because so much of better health happens outside of a doctor’s office.

Meet the leaders of your integrated care team

Carolyn Chudy, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

“It’s rewarding to offer quality care that helps patients without unnecessary surgeries or procedures.”

3 years of telemedicine expertise
Holly Krymis
Director of Behavior Change & Health Coaching

“Whether your goal is to eat better, exercise more, or manage stress, we can all benefit from a coach on our side!”

13 years of telemedicine expertise
Mark Milligan, PT, DPT
Director of Physical Therapy

“It’s inspiring to see how technology can help patients by removing  obstacles like the need to drive to a PT clinic.”

7 years of telemedicine expertise
Christi Bowling, RDN
Director of Nutrition

“Teaching my patients how to eat is my passion. Everyone can nourish an anti-inflammatory environment in their bodies.”

8 years of telemedicine expertise

Along for the ride

Bruce’s Story

“When I tore the meniscus in my right knee, I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be able to ride my bike again due to the level of pain.

Through my Vori Health care team’s recovery plan, I was able to make slow but continuous progress over several months and therefore was able to avoid surgery for the injury.

3 months of care with:
Medical Doctor
Physical Therapist

Slow and steady wins the race

LEVI’S Story

“My doctor was able to quickly identify what was going on with my leg–and my Vori Health physical therapist was able to give me new exercises to try. Within 48 hours, I was walking normally.

With my care team’s blessing, I attempted the race and ended up not only finishing—but nearly setting a new personal best.

3 weeks of care with:
Medical Doctor
Physical Therapist

Elevated & motivated


“Choosing Vori would be the smartest thing you’ve ever done. They truly care about their patients’ outcomes, and the team is the best in their field. They’re able to provide the same high level of care remotely via video conference from the comfort of your home.

It’s easy to track your progress, discussions, updates and health plans using their app which you always have access to. I’ve referred others who have been just as happy as I have been with my experience.”

4 weeks of care with:
Physical Therapist
Registered Dietitian
Activate your benefit for you and your family

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Vori Health?

Vori Health is a specialty medical practice offering personalized treatment and proven relief for back, neck, and joint pain. With convenient video visits, we help you get back to your life faster. Our holistic care teams include medical doctors who specialize in nonoperative care for muscle and joint pain, physical therapists, health coaches, and nutritionists. Together, we look at your problem from every angle to find out what’s really going on and how to fix it. You’ll get a personalized treatment plan that helps you get better from the comfort of home and avoid unnecessary surgeries.

How does Vori Health work?

Vori Health works by designing a treatment plan around you. By getting to know you, we can get you back to living how you want.

First, you will have an hour-long initial consultation video visit with an integrated Care Team. We’ll capture a 360° view of your health and cover the following:

  • How your pain affects your day-to-day life
  • Your motivations and goals
  • A medical history review
  • A comprehensive physical exam and diagnosis
  • Discussion of your treatment options, which may include physical therapy, non-opioid pain medication, nutrition counseling, and healthy lifestyle support
  • A local referral for any imaging or lab tests if needed
  • Consultation with a physical therapist to discuss home-based exercises and strategies to improve your strength and mobility

Then, we design your personalized treatment plan.

What will my treatment plan look like?

Depending on what we learn about you, your goals, and your needs from your initial consultation, our Care Team might provide a plan that includes physical therapy, a reduction or change in medication, nutrition counseling, and healthy lifestyle coaching.

Typically, patients meet virtually with their physical therapist two times per week during the initial stages of the plan. And to help you stick to it and achieve your goals, you’ll get the support and guidance of a personal health coach. You can also message your Care Team, including your doctor, at any time.

Together we’ll regularly review your progress and adjust your treatment plan as needed.

Who is on my Care Team?

Your Vori Health Care Team is personalized to your needs and may include board-certified specialty medical doctors, nurse practitioners or physician assistants, physical therapists, health coaches, and nutritionists.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, just a smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera, and internet access. Vori is easy to use anytime, anywhere—but we're here to help if you need technical support.

How long will it take before I see results?

Your plan is designed around your goals, needs, and schedule. It focuses on long-term success to alleviate your pain, build strength, and get you back to doing what you love. Some Vori Health members begin to see and feel changes in as little as a few weeks. Each person’s progress differs, but your Care Team will be there every step of the way to help you achieve your goals and live pain free.

What about in-person visits?

Vori Health is designed for convenience and effectiveness, so you can meet with your Care Team by video, phone, or chat, and do the exercises or recommended treatments on your time and in your home. The vast majority of our members are able to achieve their treatment goals using this method. However, if we find that you would benefit from an in-person visit or treatment, we can help refer you to the right place.

How much does it cost?

There are no costs for Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Sheild and Health Advantage members, spouses, and dependents over the age of 18 who are covered on medical plan.

Members are eligible to receive help with muscle or joint pain through all of Vori Health’s services. Get started with your first visit and evaluation with your Vori Care Team if this applies to you.

What if I am already receiving care elsewhere for my back or joint pain?

We’re glad to hear that you are already receiving care. Our care teams frequently partner with other doctors and physical therapists to make sure people like you get the best care possible. We can address any unresolved issued you may have and can work with your current care team to coordinate your treatment.

How can I sign up my covered family members?

You will need to create a separate Vori Health account for each individual on your plan, using their name and contact information. Check your benefits to see what ID number they need to use to confirm their eligibility. In most, if not all cases, dependents and spouses will have the same ID number as the primary subscriber.

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Create an account and schedule your first visit with your Care Team. Your personalized Care Plan will get delivered right to your Vori Health account.

Health Advantage is an independent licensee of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and is licensed to offer health plans in all 75 counties of Arkansas. Vori Health is a separate company that provides musculoskeletal and physical therapy solutions for members of Health Advantage.
Wherever you are, we’re here to help
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